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Name: Anna Burridge
Date: 09 Jun 13 09:05pm
I have been very grateful to heather for looking after Percy - a rather spoilt tortoise twice for us now. It has been lovely to go away knowing he will be well cared for - I am very pleased to have found Heather!
Name: Chris Wilkie
Date: 01 Jan 13 02:47pm
Abbey & Evie enjoyed their first Christmas with Heather & Paul. They were spoilt with love & cuddles. Evie just adores Diz, Heathers dog, he is a giant compared to my 2 little Pom girls.

I cannot thank Heather enough for caring for the girls. Whether its to pop in and feed/walk girls if I'm out for long periods during the day. But most importantly during our last summer holiday, Heather had an accident in my Home, where she broke her shoulder. She did not hesitate in taking our girls into her home, not did she want to worry us.

I have had many dog sitters in the past, but no one compares to Heather . . . . . She is a one in a million.

We highly recommend Heather and the services she provides. :-)