Welcome to Next Pets Thing

To your pets, we aim to be the next best thing to you.

Next Pets Thing, based in Shepperton, Middlesex, was established for one reason only, to enable people to experience the joy of owning pets while still having to contend with the stresses and strains everyday life now brings.

Owning a pet is a big responsibility and should be classed as a member of the family. This means everything you do from the moment your pet comes home, his or her needs must be taken into account.

Cats, though independent by nature, love routine, home comforts and most important of all love and attention. Dogs, to a certain degree, need the same thing plus regular exercise to keep him fit and healthy. Smaller animals, though easier in their needs, still enjoy the human contact and a clean environment.

All of this is essential if you are to gain all the benefits a pet can bring. Unfortunately, it's not always possible when work, family life or sudden illnesses take up so much time. Even planning that well earned holiday or business trip is more complicated when you have a pet.

This is where "Next Pets Thing" can help. We've loved and cared for various animals for over 50 years and truly understand their needs.

Take a look at our fully insured services we provide because we are sure we can be of help to you.

Just remember - "A pet is for life"